Another Poll!

First, thank you all sooo much for responding to my last post, about why you use the cosmetic clothing system.  Fascinating answers; keep them coming!

Second, I was switching clothing and items around in one of my house chests and had an idea for a rather tongue-in-cheek poll.  So let’s DO it.


Multiple choices are fine.  And I will confess:  I have multiple accounts, which means multiple houses.  And a kinhall.  And maxed out wardrobes on everyone.  And maxed out vaults on nearly all characters.  “There is not enough TP in the world”  — that’s me.



5 thoughts on “Another Poll!

  1. Haha, I love when you call them pixelclothes, it just makes me laugh (funny ’cause it’s true kind of thing). 😛 I’m in the “I’ve got houses…” category, not to mention cosmetics-dedicated bank alts. Ugh, managing it all gets to be quite a chore sometimes. But well worth it when you recall that one special piece you need to bring an outfit all together, stashed away in Bankmule2’s vault! 😀

  2. I have my wardrobe maxed and a bank alt for clothes that has a maxed out vault. Plus sundry amounts of bound clothing items on all of my characters. I think I need about 500 wardrobe spaces, but only until Rohan launches. Then I’ll need about 1000, I’m sure.

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