Autumn is Coming

…I realized after typing that title that it sounds fairly grim, in a Game of Thrones sort of way.  AUTUMN. IS. COMING.  But I love autumn, every bit of it.  Pumpkin this, harvest that, the smell of woodsmoke spiraling up from chimneys, the skitter of leaves on sidewalks.  All of it.  All I want to do is wear cowl-neck sweaters and cook root vegetables (and destroy things on horseback in Rohan).

This outfit began with the Robe of the Stone-hewer with its crimson and gold and purple accents.  I must have tried twenty cloaks with it in an attempt to balance the colors, and settled on the Cloak of the Autumn Wood.  I’m not entirely happy; that said, the theme sure remains intact.  With neutral, simple gloves and shoulder pads, the cloak and robe work together in the same basic color family, and suit my love of crazysauce pattern and color.  If Hobbits wore boots, there would be some purple and gold.

Mornings get chilly as autumn approaches. Also, on an OOC note, he looks /very upset/. Maybe Hobbits aren’t so much into the cold.

Over there, the first leaves are turning.

A brewer’s wagon is a fantastic spot to hang out and enjoy the crisp, cool day.

Hunting dinner!


3 thoughts on “Autumn is Coming

  1. I was really hoping the Summer would last a little longer… but alas. I see mushrooms already!! Lovely outfit and very inspiring Autmn colours. I think I’ll have to surrender to the falling leaves then!

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