Poll by Request: Likes and Dislikes

Yes, I’m taking requests!  Anyway, a friend of mine was curious about what sort of items people really like wearing in game, and what sort of item they really don’t.

Let me explain:  I dislike a number of the festival tunics (a couple are fantastic, though!).  Some people feel that there are too many dresses in-game.  Some think hauberks are dull dull dull.  Some really want to see more separates!  More cloaks!  More hats!

So I’m doing TWO polls today, count them, two.  They feature the exact same categories of items.  But the first is for you to click on all the categories you like the most, and wish you could see more of in-game.  Hauberk-lover?  Let me know!  Circlet fan?  Yay!

The second poll is for you to tell me which categories of item make you go ‘meh.’  Are you all, “Dresses, meh”?  Are tunics just not your thing?  Tell me!

In both polls, choose as many as you like, and feel free to expand in comments.  And I promise; this’ll be the last poll for a while.  We’ve had such an information-gathering sort of week!

I’ll share:  I love skirts, I love circlets, I love cloaks, I love dresses.  I am ‘meh’ about shoes, rather than boots, and about the tunic/trouser combinations.  How about you?


11 thoughts on “Poll by Request: Likes and Dislikes

  1. Give me more movable parts! I am so sick of hauberks, and tunics with designs that dye oddly and that you can’t even pair with boots or gloves. It drastically cuts down on the customization potential of the cosmetic system. I don’t look forward to festival cosmetics anymore because I know exactly what they’re going to be: another dress and another Tunic and Pants of the Snow-dusted Glittering Yulefestmath.

  2. Great pair of polls, I’m very interested to see how the results will continue to shake out!

    For myself, I’m pretty “meh” about tunics and hauberks, since they don’t leave a lot of room for customisation. I’m neutral about short-sleeved tops and vests (though they both have their uses). Everything else I’m pretty “yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy” about! But especially hats (the more cray-cray the better). 😛

    I have to say, what I’d get really excited about would be some new shapes and styles of both lowerbody items (pants and skirts) and footwear (both shoes and boots). That would be awesome. Oh, also upper body pieces that extend down past the waist but leave parts of the pants visible. I feel like I’m writing a letter to Santa! “Dear Santa-Laenlis…” 😛

  3. First comment here, as I just started following your blog 🙂

    I did notice the omission of robes as well, and cloaks. I *love* cloaks, but not keen on hooded ones due to how most of them have almost a shelf at their base to the neck. It’s a similar reason for not being so keen on cloaks with the hoods pushed back, they’re just so bulky on hobbit shoulders. I do definitely prefer hoodless cloaks that just attach at the shoulder. And I’d vote ‘yay’ for robes 😉

    As for tunics and pants, I generally don’t use them on taller folk because of the wide 3/4 type pants, my hobbits though do wear them a fair bit. At least the Simbelmyne tunic and pants had a similar colour right down the leg, they have been getting quite a bit of wear from my elves and women at the recent festivals 😀

    • I feel like such a doof for omitting robes — I almost never equip them, so consider this poll to have total Laenlis BIAS. Thank you for filling in the gaps for the person who requested the poll!

      And thanks a lot for commenting – it’s great to meet you!

  4. Oooh robes! As much as I love them, they’re sadly underused on my characters. If the tunics could support shoes/boots I’d like them better, but they really only get used on my hobbits. Cloaks are usually a “meh” since they bunch oddly on females and they cover up some really beautiful detail on some of the dresses. I never really noticed how lovely the details on the Silken Golden Robe/Gown of Splendor are until last night while working out an outfit.

    Great blog btw, one of my favorites! 🙂

  5. Great poll! And my thoughts on hauberks (since I polled that I hate ’em): can they not end EXACTLY where most boots also end? It makes for a really weird look on a lot of characters. Also, would love Turbine to death if the hauberk didn’t look so absurd on my female human characters–just shapeless as a sack, they are.

    And tunic / shirt combos would be fine–IF you could add your own shoes and gloves. Generally you can’t, and that’s my real beef with them.

    But oh, for more short-sleeved shirts! Especially ones that look like regular shirts and not armor. Would give anything for more rolled-up-sleeves looks, more vest / shirt combos (where the vest, not the shirt, is the dyeable area).

  6. Shoes….. just, shoes… terrible shoes with flat ends that make any character’s leggings look like sticks! Give me a pair of boots and I’ll be a happy shiny elf! 😉

  7. why are there no shouldersor cloaks…. Those are the best and most epic parts of the outfit :/
    Also I hate the standard up-to-lvl-50 hauberks, but the dunland and onwards hauberks are absolutely amazing. (^^)

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