My Favorite Things, Part I

Holy overtime, Frodo!  I miss you folks!  So today, we’re going to do a fun little post about the cosmetics I love the absolute most.  This will not be comprehensive because I desperately need sleep, but it will absolutely be Part I!  All links lead to source information.

May I note, as a cosmetics blogger, that whenever I have a super-awesome idea and log in to show it off, the game is invariably in nighttime mode.

First up is the Jacket of the Shade-finder, a chest-piece with fantastic detail and gorgeous use of dye.

Awww, yeah.

The Traveller’s Hood (purchased from the LOTRO Store) is a headpiece that adds a lot of utility to hoodless cloaks, and offers a lurk-in-the-corners sort of sensibility without looking like a Dire Smurf or leveling straight through much of Volume III of the Epic Story.

The Tattered Robe of the Dunland Sage and its variants just thrill me.  It’s a long, duster-style coat over a shirt and long trousers.  It dyes well, your shoes are visible, and it has a modest, practical appeal.  NB:  on male toons, the sleeves suddenly shrink to being elbow-length, and that can be a bit strange-looking.

My next choice is a two-fer, one of my favorite cloaks (the Hooded Cloak of the Dove) over the lovely and subtle Exquisite Elven Dress.  Not only do I think the two look fantastic together; they also have an ethereal “fantasy” sort of quality that I just adore.

Next time, the Robes Edition, to make up for leaving them out of last week’s poll.  WHOOPS.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things, Part I

  1. Oooh, that jacket is nice! I’m yet to get to the Great River, am glad to see I’ll be able to pick it up there. The robe and dress are part of my favourites too (though perhaps prefer the Rivendell rep dress for the dye factor)

  2. “May I note, as a cosmetics blogger, that whenever I have a super-awesome idea and log in to show it off, the game is invariably in nighttime mode.”

    Good God, this drives me crazy. So it may be nighttime, and I’m like whatevs. Irksome. So I jump in a foundry or just dick around on the web. Then it phases to day time, but it’s raining!

  3. Jacket of the Shade-finder is a favorite of mine too, I used it in my ranger outfit, dyed green. And the Cloak of the Dove, so beautiful:) And yes, I agree about the night-time, it does seem to be dark every time I wanna take good screenshots:P

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