Rainy Fall Fashion

So I had a PLAN this morning.  I said, “Self!  Take candids at the Fall Festival!”  And I went over there, and of course it was raining in-game, and dark, so in a strange confluence between in-character weather and “it’s noon EST on a Tuesday,” the festival grounds were deserted.


Autumn is more than crackling fires and bright foliage and turkey and brilliant blue skies.  The season carries along a sort of melancholy when rains begin, when flowers fade.  At some point late in October, early in November, you realize that all those bright leaves are gone, and you’re left with sticks and contemplation and Christmas shopping for a while.

That said, I went with a rainy, melancholy sort of feel today, the sort that has you standing on the porch on clothes a bit too summery for the season and sighing at the rain.  The stars of this very simple show are the reputation-earned Long-sleeved Elven Dress and the Embroidered Mantle of the Dunland Healer, both in navy, along with the Dunland Caretaker’s Cloak in grey.  The Fine Elven Circlet decorates her brow, but summer’s revels are over, and Yulemath is months away.

A dreary day awaits, and Suleth is not yet ready to say farewell to summer.

Running for shelter, in a gown and shoes that are unsuitable for the job.

Waiting for a break in the storm.

Shaking off the rain, dog-style.

The dark skies outside and the merry fire inside create an odd play of shadows over those who take refuge from the storm.

Is it letting up a little bit, in the east? Just a little?



6 thoughts on “Rainy Fall Fashion

  1. I’ve been seeking for a good match for that cloak for a long time and you found an excellent combination! I love how the colours blend and remind of gloomy rainy weather indeed. Very well done and I love the little story 🙂

  2. What a lovely outfit! That dress dyes really nicely and each color you use gives it a slightly different appearance. Those shoulders fit in really well and look like they are part of the sleeves of the gown. I usually don’t like the shoulder pieces in this game, as they make a female character look too much like a quarterback.

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