The Traveling Merchant

I had fun with this one.  I struggled with individual pieces and color until I made a last pass through the Ceremonial Helegrod items in the LOTRO store.  When I clicked “try it on” with the Ceremonial Silver-voice Shoulders, it all came together.

The traveling merchant owns a wagon of delights, from bolts of dyed cloth to wrought tools and exotic goods from lands most Bree-men will never visit.  With a grin and a wink, he sells and haggles.  His Craftsman’s Robe has a dozen pockets, all containing some small delight for matron or child, whether a hair-ribbon, a bone button, or a little dragon carved from wood.  He passes through remote hamlets maybe once a year.  Maybe every two years, if weather and the roads have been hard.  Whenever his painted wagon begins to rumble up the rutted road, townsfolk gather to see what tales the traveling man might bring.

Aren’t these shoulders fantastic? I love how they brought some flash and polish to an otherwise plain robe.

One of the challenges with the Craftsman’s Robe is the slight purplish tinge to the shirt that shows from elbow to wrist. I decided to embrace that rather than fight it, and dyed the Cloak of the Grey Company burgundy to enhance the robe’s cooler tones.

And the merchant makes a sale! Adso is obviously low on materials.




3 thoughts on “The Traveling Merchant

  1. I love the story behind this outfit. It’s fun to think what people are carrying around in pouches and bags. Your merchant looks cheerful and I would definitely stop to ask what he had in his pockets. 🙂

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