The Autumn King

Okay, fair warning:  I’ve used this combination of cloak and shoulders before.  Recently, even!  But it’s like having a humble can of black beans in your pantry and using it over and over in a dozen different things:  there are only so many cosmetics in the world.

Maybe I’m just obsessed with autumn (this is true), and therefore, the Cloak of the Autumn Wood pops into my consciousness over and over.  This sounds so whiny-pants, but I’m getting very tired of this perfect California weather every single day.  I want autumn’s wind and bluster.  I want rain.  So forgive my outfit redux, but I just want a little bit of changing leaves and Halloween and dismal morning rain already.

*deep breath*

The majority of this outfit is the Ceremonial Spear-shaker’s set.  Add to that the gorgeous Harvest-brew Circlet (which thankfully isn’t just a chain of pretzels), and to my autumn-addled brain, you get an outfit of brown leathers and olive accents, of an autumn spirit that wanders the colorful woods like a Goldberry keeps to her rivers.

I had a moment of “ah crap, ARE those pretzels?” But they aren’t.

Wandering the woods with his familiar, a stag of great strength.



6 thoughts on “The Autumn King

  1. Ooh, I really like the way the boots, shoulders, and circlet are all working together in this outfit — really nice!

    Autumn is a great time of year but what I wouldn’t give for eternal perfect sunshine and warm days! The grass is always greener, I guess! 😛

  2. Ha! I love the idea of just strolling through the woods with a stag in tow. It always upsets me when I go wandering up to a stag to say hi, and suddenly it’s beating me to death 😦

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