First Thoughts on Rohan (after the crying and stuff)

The shiny of Rohan is not wearing off.  I am dismayed by the price of color packs for our war-steeds (see Cosmetic Lotro’s excellent post here for more details), and uninspired by the barter armour pieces offered for our 8 gabillion tokens.  As a cosmetics blogger, that makes things sort of rough.

That said…omg, I love mounted combat and racing over the plains and the music and the epic and and and… *breathes into paper bag*  The landscapes are stunning.  The sound effect of the wind moving across the grasses is just fantastic.  The sky!  Have you looked up at the sky?

I do have a couple of questions that maybe my readership is puzzling over as well.  Or, you’ll know the answers and look at me funny, either way.  First, has anyone seen a mechanic outside questing (at this time) to raise the various Rohan reputations?  I haven’t.  That said, has anyone seen any reputation reward vendors?  I haven’t.  Perhaps that’s coming into the game later; I’m just curious (and still only 80, so there you go).

I am still putting together cosmetics ideas — things are pretty limited right now, and after trying three pairs of low shoes and still having clipping issues with the Tactical Eastemnet Campaign Robe, I am going back to destroying things on horseback and listening to cinematic music.


8 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Rohan (after the crying and stuff)

  1. Wha ha ha you’re just such a funny writer. Yeah that robe clips with everything except shoes. Just the plain low shoes will have to do. Or sox if you can find them. And you are so right, apart from the steed colour prices, the rest of the expansion is breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. I have heard that you can finish off the reputations in Hytbold. I haven’t made it that far, so I can’t confirm it myself. I have seen some barters that need Sutcrofts rep for their items, too–in Cliving and I think in Eaworth or whatever it’s called.

  3. The barter folks are “Quartermasters”; there are three in the major hub of each zone: Harwick, Cliving. Eaworth, & Snowbourn. They are usually clustered together.

    Your class barterer (for the “raid” gear) will appear in Hytbold once you complete the first repairs to the Mead Hall.

    As far as reputation, I was able to get Friendly with all factions just from questing/epics. Most were almost to Ally. None of the daily “auto-granted” quests grant rep (except killing the Wyrm-Father in The Entwash Vale). Fortunately, the Hytbold quests do grant 1200 rep. You can gain up to 6,000 rep points each day by focusing on the quests for a specific zone. Also, these quests are repeatable (the system randomly selects 5 quests per faction each day).

    • I’m wrong…there are only 4 quests in each hub daily. So you can get 4,800 rep with each faction daily. You can still do 5 daily, so you will be getting rep with 2 factions each day.

  4. “After the crying and stuff”?

    Oh yeah, this xpac is a lot of fun right now, despite not having new fellowship instances or a raid. Mounted combat on a Captain is awesome… 2-shotting enemies, destroying swaths of them in at most 10s. Great for farming. I’m making skraight-up BANK right now. To what end, I don’t know; I just like seeing dat gold stack up.

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