Blue Rohan

So, last weekend I went out of town, then came back and immediately picked up a case of LINGERING ICK.  Which is to say, some sort of freaky flu thing that’s had me down for nearly a week, and good lord I did not realize that much ick could fit in a person’s respiratory system.  ANYWAY, thank you for your patience as I horked up my lungs.


Back to cosmetics!  I’ve finally fallen for a piece of Rohan armour:  the crafted Eastemnet War Armour.  Unfortunately, a lot of the armour released so far with the expansion looks just a little odd on female toons (methinks).  Top-heavy, bulky.  But the War Armour has a grace to it, and an elegance that suits my female warriors well.  I grabbed the restrained Rohan quest reward Cillan’s Thanks as shoulders, as well as typical Rohirrim quest rewards Wardglofas as gauntlets and the Muddy Rohirric Boots.

The weather in-game this morning matches what’s outside my window:  thin sunlight, drizzly rain.  I love fall days like this.  Enjoy!


NB: The mead-hall at Eaworth is significantly darker than what I’ve shown here, because it is an emo place.

The little story this screenshot tells me is “Ealwiga said to the Rohirrim, ‘Hey, look over there! Is that an orc?’ He swiveled his head to look, and Ealwiga stole his lunch.”



9 thoughts on “Blue Rohan

  1. Heh, I thought she might be saying to the Rohan woman “Can I borrow that dress to put in my wardrobe?”
    Such a shame about the look of most chest items on women folk. Shall have to investigate how well particular shoulder pieces can cover it.
    Nice outfit too 🙂

  2. I agree about the hairstyles and dresses of the Rohirrim ladies, especially the hairstyles, I’ve long wanted some kind of update to the, in my opinion, very chunky and clumsy-looking hairstyles. And when do we get long hair for females? I miss the waist-long hair my WoW nightelf had…Otherwise a very nice outfit, I haven’t seen that chestpiece yet, but then again, I haven’t lvled my crafting either. Looking forward to that:)

  3. Love the colours 🙂 I like the simplicity/practicality/realness of the steed pieces you chose too. I’m another one who covets the hair of the ladies of Rohan. Some of my girls have even been caught looking enviously at Horn’s luxurious mane, lol.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Laenlis, I’ve got a similar thing right now and… good lord. 😛

  4. I really like that chest-piece, but the only problem is that it like caves in on the sides of my Men characters. Takes a big chunk out of their ribs; it’s awful.

    That’s a really awesome horse caparison too.

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