The Astronomer

From Of the Coming of the Elves, in The Silmarillion:

“Then Varda went forth from the council, and she looked out from the height of Taniquetil, and beheld the darkness of Middle-earth beneath the innumerable stars, faint and far.  Then she began a great labour, greatest of all the works of the Valar since their coming into Arda.  She took the silver dews from the vats of Telperion, and therewith she made new stars and brighter against the coming of the Firstborn…”

This Elf is a watcher of the skies, a scholar of those stars made so long ago from Telperion’s immeasurable light and set in their patterns far above.  He wears the rich, dark brown of earth and the cool, dark blue of the night sky.  The Tactical Eastemnet Campaign Robe and the cloak Ceremonial Wig-feld are joined by the Pristine Elven Shoulder Guards, the Ceremonial Spear-shaker’s Gauntlets, and the Fine Elven Circlet.

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Title Week: Eye in the Storm

For the last installment of Title Week, Ivy and I decided to change it up a little by choosing just ONE of the new class titles, unbeknownst to each other.  And for whatever reason, I decided to eschew all the titles earned by my 75s and choose instead one of the titles from my relatively wee Rune-keeper.

Eye in the Storm” is the title earned after completing the level 15 Rune-keeper class quest, and should not be confused with the “Eye OF the Storm” Champion trait.   I thought a lot about how to portray this.  The obvious implication of “IN” the storm is that the Rune-keeper is right there, tossing weather to and fro.  And however you feel about RKs in the game vis-a-vis lore, that is sort of the visual shtick.

And then it got all wrapped up in storms and birds and flight and lightning, and that’s how I ended up with the rather strange combo of the Raven Festival Mask/Cloak of the Raven with the Shoulders of the Stone-student and the Gown of Autumn Nights.  The gown’s the wild card, but I can’t help but think of the motifs at waist and hem and cuffs to be lightning, rather than thorns.  The grey piping on the gown ties it back in with the metallic and grey elements on shoulders, mask, and cloak.

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The Honor Guard

Okay, this is purely fanciful.

I like armour to look fairly realistic and ready for battle.  I don’t usually go for the armour sets in which it looks like your toon would impale her ear if she tilted her head sideways, or like your warrior Elf would have to watch out to not trip over his own boot-spikes.  I like realism.

But then I found a fantastic deal on a stack of rose dye on the Auction House and started fiddling, and…well.  Call this ceremonial armour in the truest sense, perhaps.  Call this the honor guard of a place or person of great importance to the Elves of Celondim, more like a living banner than a warrior about to cross swords with Orc or goblin.

The outfit is a very simple one: the Sellsword’s crafted armour set (which appears under other names as well), as well as the Symbelmynë circlet and cloak. The armour is all dyed rose; the Symbelmynë items are dyed gold for contrast. I’m especially pleased how adding gold dye to the circlet gives it such a different look.

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Into the West

So what do you think of the new apparel dummies introduced in yesterday’s patch?


The first character I made in LOTRO was an Elf.  And the first thing I did after she got out of the starter instance (okay, the VERY first thing I did was burst into tears because it was Middle! Earth!) was to jump off the docks in Celondim and swim for the white ship just out of player range.  Have you ever tried it?

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Seen on the Streets: Vedrana Mistari

By the way, I am happy to take reader submissions!  If you have an outfit you’d like my small but choice readership to see, please click the “Say ‘Friend’ and Submit Something” tab above to get in touch with me.


I saw Vedrana, a rune-keeper of the kinship The Hidden, standing at the vault.  I was struck by her use of the fairly ubiquitous Long-sleeved Elven Dress.  Remember when that was it for pretty dresses in game (unless you are super into yellow bows)?

She gave an old item new life in a vibrant color by adding the Shoulders of the Ancient Tongue and the Ceremonial Cloak of the West-tower.  I am not usually a fan of dresses paired with harder armour items, but this example fascinated me.  I think the blue is gorgeous with Vedrana’s pale skin, and I admire how she’s dyed her RK satchel to match.

She looks operatic in this one!

Somehow I managed to capture what I think an Elf would look like juuuuust before sneezing. If Elves sneeze. They’re durable sorts — I’m doubting hayfever would knock them flat.


If you have any questions or comments for Vedrana, please leave them below.  Thank you, Vedrana!

Seen on the Streets: Master Guardsman Kerdeth Alagos

So, I usually end up taking screenshots of roleplayers.  They’re my tribe, and I know many of them, and they tend to put obsessive amounts of creativity and effort into their outfits.

Well, color me chagrined, because after today, I’m going to start hanging out in the (safe) parts of the (no, really, the safe bits) Ettenmoors.  Not that roleplayers don’t also PvMP, don’t hurt me!  I’ve just never tried it beyond dying six times on a warg in as many minutes, so I have no real conception of it.  Anyone want to take a warden/minstrel/champ/hunter out into the ‘Moors to see how it all works?  *puppy eyes*

I saw Kerdeth racing through Bree-town and basically followed after like an Elf-groupie.  He was more than a little surprised that I wanted to turn him into a fashion post, instead of just die at his hands by fire or lightning.  But he graciously allowed me to take several screenshots, with only this fairly PvMPish sort of sentiment:  “Don’t copy my outfit or I’ll track you down!”

Sir, yes sir!

His outfit is based around the Breastplate of the Enforcer (and here’s another gorgeous example of the item’s use, by Cosmetic Lotro), supplemented by the Malledhrim Pauldrons and Boots of the Enlightened and the Elf-lord’s Cloak.  The combination of stark black, silver, and icy blue is a chilling one, and one that made me think of lightning cutting a jagged trail across a darkened sky.

Last screenshot! I promise! DON’T FRY ME!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments!  Thank you, Kerdeth!

Seen on the Streets: Findolin the Shadow-hunter

Character:  Findolin
Class:  Warden

Findolin Daefaron is a Silvan elf of Eryn Galen, now called Mirkwood in its darkest years.  He has fought ceaselessly against the foul creatures that plague the forest, remaining when many of his kind have instead fled for their peaceful Western isle.  Findolin’s colors are those of Shadow Hunters like himself.

I saw Findolin standing in the AH and was struck by the elegant simplicity of the outfit, as well as the combination of a few blue hues and black.  Once he explained his in-character concept, I could see how the colors I admired fit well with the concept of fighting from the shadows of his murky home forests.

They make them dreamy in Mirkwood!

So! Many! Questions! from! the! blogger!

A Shadow Hunter of Mirkwood in his formal attire.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for Findolin, feel free to post them below!