Blue Rohan

So, last weekend I went out of town, then came back and immediately picked up a case of LINGERING ICK.  Which is to say, some sort of freaky flu thing that’s had me down for nearly a week, and good lord I did not realize that much ick could fit in a person’s respiratory system.  ANYWAY, thank you for your patience as I horked up my lungs.


Back to cosmetics!  I’ve finally fallen for a piece of Rohan armour:  the crafted Eastemnet War Armour.  Unfortunately, a lot of the armour released so far with the expansion looks just a little odd on female toons (methinks).  Top-heavy, bulky.  But the War Armour has a grace to it, and an elegance that suits my female warriors well.  I grabbed the restrained Rohan quest reward Cillan’s Thanks as shoulders, as well as typical Rohirrim quest rewards Wardglofas as gauntlets and the Muddy Rohirric Boots.

The weather in-game this morning matches what’s outside my window:  thin sunlight, drizzly rain.  I love fall days like this.  Enjoy!

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Rainy Fall Fashion

So I had a PLAN this morning.  I said, “Self!  Take candids at the Fall Festival!”  And I went over there, and of course it was raining in-game, and dark, so in a strange confluence between in-character weather and “it’s noon EST on a Tuesday,” the festival grounds were deserted.


Autumn is more than crackling fires and bright foliage and turkey and brilliant blue skies.  The season carries along a sort of melancholy when rains begin, when flowers fade.  At some point late in October, early in November, you realize that all those bright leaves are gone, and you’re left with sticks and contemplation and Christmas shopping for a while.

That said, I went with a rainy, melancholy sort of feel today, the sort that has you standing on the porch on clothes a bit too summery for the season and sighing at the rain.  The stars of this very simple show are the reputation-earned Long-sleeved Elven Dress and the Embroidered Mantle of the Dunland Healer, both in navy, along with the Dunland Caretaker’s Cloak in grey.  The Fine Elven Circlet decorates her brow, but summer’s revels are over, and Yulemath is months away.

A dreary day awaits, and Suleth is not yet ready to say farewell to summer.

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The Spider-hunter

Or, as I’d like to call it:  Winflaed vs. the Spiders.

I am crazy enamored of some of the Moria ceremonial items, so when my extra pre-order TP came in, I hopped quick like a bunny to the store to buy the Ceremonial Breastplate and Leggings of the Brazen Call.  Given that I’ve also been trying to use Elrond’s Exquisite Cloak for a few months now in outfits to no avail, black seemed like a perfect theme color.  The sienna and gold in the cloak echo the small leather elements in the leggings and breastplate.  Ragged Leather Shoulderpads, Reinforced Leather Dunlending Boots, and the crafted Vibrant Calenard Battle Gauntlets helped reinforce this fierce look.

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The Dreamer

I know it’s Friday, and Friday usually means polls.  But I woke up this morning with an idea for a soft, summery sort of outfit, and I can’t get the idea out of my head.  My actress character Luned gets to be the model, since “dreamer” is pretty much her default mode.

It’s strange to have her in pastels:  she favors black and soft grey and red, both for sentimental reasons and her sense of High Drama.  And then, of course, I discarded “soft” as an outfit concept in favor of “omg pastels,” choosing my beloved Exquisite Long-sleeved Dress.  I was thinking soft and gossamer, but “like an Easter egg exploded” seems to have won the day.

The wacky supporting player here is the Drape of Evendim, of all things.  This nutty cloak seems to go well with the pastel explosion dress.  I was thrilled!  Then again, a typical outfit for me on any particular day might be a lime shirt, orange shoes, and turquoise nail polish.  Pixel-art imitating life.

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Title Week: Eye in the Storm

For the last installment of Title Week, Ivy and I decided to change it up a little by choosing just ONE of the new class titles, unbeknownst to each other.  And for whatever reason, I decided to eschew all the titles earned by my 75s and choose instead one of the titles from my relatively wee Rune-keeper.

Eye in the Storm” is the title earned after completing the level 15 Rune-keeper class quest, and should not be confused with the “Eye OF the Storm” Champion trait.   I thought a lot about how to portray this.  The obvious implication of “IN” the storm is that the Rune-keeper is right there, tossing weather to and fro.  And however you feel about RKs in the game vis-a-vis lore, that is sort of the visual shtick.

And then it got all wrapped up in storms and birds and flight and lightning, and that’s how I ended up with the rather strange combo of the Raven Festival Mask/Cloak of the Raven with the Shoulders of the Stone-student and the Gown of Autumn Nights.  The gown’s the wild card, but I can’t help but think of the motifs at waist and hem and cuffs to be lightning, rather than thorns.  The grey piping on the gown ties it back in with the metallic and grey elements on shoulders, mask, and cloak.

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Title Week: Wrath of Winter

Title Week with the awesomesauce Ivy continues!  Please check out her outfit today; it’s great!

You earn the title Wrath of Winter by killing a metric tonload of worms in Forochel.  It’s a great title, and I struggled for a bit with either being the wrath of winter by going fiery (which Ivy did, to awesome effect) or letting winter’s wrath take a big bite out of my character.  I ended up choosing in winter’s favor.  Let it snow!

Waaaay back in the day, the romantic interest of one of my characters gave her a Great Hoary Aurochs Robe.  I love the thing, love it.  So did my character.  There’s been better “winter” clothing added to the game since, but I still really love the furry texture of the robe.  The Bearskin Winter Cloak and the Ceremonial Leijona Shoulder Guards (with their furry texture) play supporting roles.

Did I mention Forochel is my favorite zone?  Forochel is my favorite zone.

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Title Week: Servant of Process

Title Week with the beauteous Ivy continues!  Check out her “Foe of Night” from yesterday, it’s just lovely.

Today’s is my favorite of the whole bunch, simply because it’s such a charmer of a Hobbit title:  Servant of Process.  You achieve this title by serving A Formal Complaint to one Will Tuffin in Dwaling.  Tuffin, a miscreant and Man, means nothing good for the people of the Shire.  Once you’ve completed the small fellowship (but really, soloable) instance associated with the quest, you become a Servant of Process for realsies!

The basis for this outfit is the simple, outfitter-acquired Long Fancy Robe, along with the Hat of Rallying (also found as other names), and the Map-maker’s Travel Pack.  Featured colors are olive, gold, and orange, and this is when I really wish there was a sky-blue in game, so I could highlight the vest beneath the robe.  I love that pop of color.

Now that the Mayor’s eaten his fill, back to business! He gives our intrepid Servant of Process an assignment. Get this writ to Polo Brockhouse!

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