Friday Poll: Favorite Festival, Cosmetics-wise

Just like the post title says!  We’ve had a round of great festivals since last year’s Summer Festival, and we’re about to come full circle when the Farmers’ Faire ends.  Putting all issues of quests and horses and snowballs and shrew-smacking and haunted burrows aside, here’s the question:  based solely on cosmetics, which is your favorite festival?

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Many screenshots to follow!  Not comprehensive, of course, or we’d be here all day!  Just to prod your memory.

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Friday Poll: Dye Colors

Just a quick post today — one of my cats is sick and hiding and not eating, so I’m a mess.   Vet later.

As to today’s poll:  I was helping a friend yesterday with a cosmetic dilemma, and she mentioned wistfully how much she wished the game had a true, dark brown, as opposed to the soft and often pale umber and the red-tinged sienna.  And I started thinking about how much I’d love for there to be a soft pink in game, and a warm cream, and a whole bunch of other colors.


It looks like this poll accepts write-in candidates as well — our dye political process is alive and well.  Please go ahead and add to my small list!

Me, I want a dark chocolate brown, almost good enough to eat.  I listed the pastels because I think they’d suit a lot of pieces well, but I’m most happy showing off (and wearing) deep, dark, saturated hues.

What about you?

Friday Poll: Farmers Fluff

So!  Have you tried the new Farmers Faire yet?  What’s your take on it?  Me, I like the mushroom hunt a lot, and I’m enjoying the fun of casual fishing.  I am not going anywhere NEAR Bywater except to barter for pretty things, given that the chatspam of all the NPCs is absolutely maddening.

I really like the cosmetics, though!  So here, let’s do a poll about those!

Multiple choices are allowed!  As for me, I want all the “Farmer’s Fancy” stuff, and everything you can hold in your hand.  The Gardener’s and animal masks are less appealing.  Though…the duck is fairly awesome.

Tell me other things in comments!

Friday Poll: Favorite NPC Outfits

I know I’ve done this:  wandered into a zone, taken one look at the NPCs, and said, dang, I want to wear that.  Blogger lotroadventurer wrote a post with screenshots of NPC outfits at the beginning of the week, and I’ve included a bunch more below.  So with all this source material in mind, here’s today’s Friday Poll:

Multiple answers are fine in this one!  And it isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list; if I did that we’d be here all day.

As for my own preferences?  I am the biggest Rohan fangirl in the world.  Gimme some of THAT.

Now for the screenshots!

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Friday Poll: Where do you get your cosmetic items?

Friday poll time!

We have a lot of sources for cosmetic items these days:  the Store, raids, skirmish marks, and so on.  Do you use any of these more than the others?  Do you stick to quest-only, to skirmish-only, and skip the Store?  Do you use every source you possibly can?


As you might imagine, I’m going to click on “Omnivorous.”  I have cosmetic items from just about everywhere!

How about you?

Friday Poll: Dyes!

I don’t know why I like exclamation points in post titles so much.  I may have a theatrical side.

Landroval Style:  The Musical! 

Anyway, I’d like to start a new feature, in which I ask an outfitting-related question every Friday.  These will be simple polls, but please feel free to elaborate in comments.


…and you can’t edit your own poll, ha.  In option #4, it should be “…dyes OR my farming mats…”  Words are hard!


Oh, and my husband/editor points out that I need to answer for myself, so:  A little bit of answers 1-3, depending on the situation.  I make many dyes.  The AH is my friend.  And I often have extra TP because I have multiple accounts.  And when I am standing in a gorgeous, remote, screenshotting venue and realize that I wanted boots that were @#$!@@ umber, not !@#$!@# sienna, that LOTRO Store is kinda handy.