Guest Submission: Thurfin Therlidon

Thurfin emailed me to tell me about an outfit of his that he really liked, and once I took a gander, I totally agreed.  The outfit is dark, meant to convey a sense of mystery.  As Thurfin told me, the character has had a bumpy past, but looks ahead to the future instead of dwelling on matters that cannot be changed.  He has a wife and family, as well as roles helping the Rangers of Annúminas and, most recently, one of Landroval’s prominent roleplayers, Arion.

The outfit features the Rock-climber’s Armour and Rock-climber’s Leggings, as well as the Cloak of the Steadfast.  I really really like how the cloak pairs with the armour; I think it’s a brilliant color match.  Thurfin said the only part of his outfit he’s not thrilled with are his gauntlets.  I know I could offer an idea or two, but I’d rather hear from readers:  what would you advise?  Remember, the aura he’s going for here is a mysterious and aged Elf moving through the night.

The shots are deliberately kept a bit darker to reflect the night-time setting.

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Guest Submission: Panja of the Lossoth

The Lossoth fascinate me.  Professor Tolkien didn’t tell us much about Forochel and its people, so it fell to Turbine (and now us, the players) to flesh out the Lumi-väki and their culture.  Obviously, no two roleplayers are going to have the exact same concept of Forochel, but one of my favorite Lossoth characters is the vainglorious, gorgeous Panja.  His player Amimain sent excellent screenshots and information about Panja, and I reproduce it almost word-for-word below.

Bold color choices on an already bright armour set show off the character well (note how well the blue of his cloak and shoes works with his horse’s saddle-blanket).  This is not a character who wants to blend in with the snows.


Character:  Panja
Class:  Warden
Kin:  Hearthsong

Tidbits about Panja:

  • His horse is named Nöyrä (humble), a gift from his ever-hopeful late mother. The message has yet to sink in.
  • He is son of Chief Pavu of the Korppi-väki (raven clan), named thus for their dark hair.
  • He doesn’t understand sivullinen customs, and makes no attempt to do so.
  • He is very, very handsome!

  • Head:  None
  • Shoulders:  Ceremonial Ajokoira Shoulder Guards (crafted or purchased in the LOTRO store, dyed Evendim blue)
  • Back:  Bearskin Winter cloak (crafted or purchased in the LOTRO store, dyed Evendim blue)
  • Chest:  Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour (dyed sea blue)
  • Gloves:  None
  • Legs:  Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggings (crafted or purchased in the LOTRO store, dyed sea blue)
  • Feet:  Ceremonial Ajokora Shoes (crafted or purchased in the LOTRO store, dyed Evendim blue)