My Favorite Things, Part II: Robes!

Ah, robes.  I forget you exist all the time.  I don’t know WHY; there are some lovely robes in game, and I even equip a few.  But they flee from my mind with ease.  So, let’s follow up my first Favorite Things post with one specifically dedicated to Robes I Like.

First up is the Robe of Viisaus, though I have to make a caveat here:  I think it looks so much better undyed.  When it’s dyed, it takes on a nearly monochromatic appearance, and that doesn’t do much for me.  I like high contrast.  Also, happy (belated) Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday!  Alerac, our model, is simultaneously fascinated by the infamous Baggins’ adventures and rather glad to be a home-loving, well-rooted sort of fellow.

Try to ignore that he’s surrounded by tools and/or torture devices.

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Autumn is Coming

…I realized after typing that title that it sounds fairly grim, in a Game of Thrones sort of way.  AUTUMN. IS. COMING.  But I love autumn, every bit of it.  Pumpkin this, harvest that, the smell of woodsmoke spiraling up from chimneys, the skitter of leaves on sidewalks.  All of it.  All I want to do is wear cowl-neck sweaters and cook root vegetables (and destroy things on horseback in Rohan).

This outfit began with the Robe of the Stone-hewer with its crimson and gold and purple accents.  I must have tried twenty cloaks with it in an attempt to balance the colors, and settled on the Cloak of the Autumn Wood.  I’m not entirely happy; that said, the theme sure remains intact.  With neutral, simple gloves and shoulder pads, the cloak and robe work together in the same basic color family, and suit my love of crazysauce pattern and color.  If Hobbits wore boots, there would be some purple and gold.

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Seen on the Streets: Fincin the Music-lover

It’s been a day!  And I wearily came online looking for Seen on the Streets candidates, and chanced upon this merry, plainly-dressed, but clearly adorable Hobbit called Fincin dancing in the Prancing Pony’s square.

Fincin is a member of House Whitewolf, and is heavily involved in Landroval’s fantastic music system.  She’s been a member of both the Eriador Music Society and the Green Hills Music Society, and is now starting a new band with her friends!  Keep watching the Landroval forums; I bet you might see something there on the matter!

I love this outfit’s pastoral simplicity.  Fincin wears the Robe of Leisure (available in the LOTRO Store), as well as the newly offered Summerdays Hat in umber.

I call your attention to the band Animal House, found in the background of a few of these shots. Dapper, musical people, all!

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Title Week: Servant of Process

Title Week with the beauteous Ivy continues!  Check out her “Foe of Night” from yesterday, it’s just lovely.

Today’s is my favorite of the whole bunch, simply because it’s such a charmer of a Hobbit title:  Servant of Process.  You achieve this title by serving A Formal Complaint to one Will Tuffin in Dwaling.  Tuffin, a miscreant and Man, means nothing good for the people of the Shire.  Once you’ve completed the small fellowship (but really, soloable) instance associated with the quest, you become a Servant of Process for realsies!

The basis for this outfit is the simple, outfitter-acquired Long Fancy Robe, along with the Hat of Rallying (also found as other names), and the Map-maker’s Travel Pack.  Featured colors are olive, gold, and orange, and this is when I really wish there was a sky-blue in game, so I could highlight the vest beneath the robe.  I love that pop of color.

Now that the Mayor’s eaten his fill, back to business! He gives our intrepid Servant of Process an assignment. Get this writ to Polo Brockhouse!

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Rain, Rain! (and a poll)

This is no fancy original outfit, this is just an adorable Hobbit in the rain dressing up a poll.  See how I help you manage expectations? 😉

What, rain? RAIN? My hat! My feet! My dress!

And here’s the poll part.  Here’s the thing:  I want to make sure this blog is fun for both me AND readers.  Other amaaaazing bloggers (I point to my blogroll now, enthusiastically!) create original outfits with flair and style.   What I really like is a lot of variety, a lot of reporting about other people’s creativity, and some occasional fiddling in my characters’ closets.  But that’s ME.  What have you enjoyed reading here, and what might you like to see in greater abundance?  Or, alternately, shoved under a rock?

Voting in a poll solves everything! Even rain!

Thanks so much for helping me figure out how to entertain you!

(OH OH OH.  My other LOTRO (visual) obsession is house/kinhall decorating.  Would you enjoy seeing posts on that subject as well?  It’s all style!  Since polls aren’t editable, please mention in comments if that piques your interest.)

Hauberk Week: Patched and Ready

Hauberk Week comes to a close with the delightful Patched Hauberk.  Please go see Ivy’s variation (which is probably not based on Hobbit hijinks) on the same item.  I also want to thank Ivy for the great idea to collaborate on a week of outfits.  I’ve had a ball, seen some great traffic and talked to some new readers.

The Patched Hauberk is available from skirmish camp cosmetic vendors.  It’s a fuzzy, mangy sort of thing, and I love it.  The colors are very warm, burgundy and rust, so I decided to contrast that with a cool indigo.  And Hobbit hijinks.


“Well, boys, I’m off.”  Thrumbo Brandybuck did a slow pivot in place while his mates hooted and pounded full mugs of porter on the table.  Over by the bar, Rosalee the serving-girl laughed so hard she could barely keep her her tray of soup bowls from sliding.

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A Gift from an Elf

DRONGO, a Hobbit of middling years, stocky of frame and cheerful of countenance:  “Well.  I say.  This is something, something indeed!  It’s very …well, it’s quite a hat!”

ORTHIR, a Turbine-created Elf who I shamelessly steal:  “You have been a gracious host in our passing for many years, Drongo Fairfoot.  Gifts are meant for fine friends, and so a lady of our number, one who guides those traveling seaward, sewed this robe and shaped this hat just for you.”

DRONGO, while running a finger along the uneven band of his brand new violet hat:  “Well, it’s a stunner all right, and I don’t mind saying so.  Bit grand for running around the farm, you know, but …there’s festivals and such.  Special days.  It’s right nice.”

ORTHIR, smiling kindly.  “Eluwen thought it might suit the cloak you always wear, with its violets and fine, bright details.  May I tell her that you are pleased?  If you are, of course.”

DRONGO:  “It’s a lot of hat!”

ORTHIR, sounding bemused by this point:  “And  you are a Hobbit of stature, my friend.  How many days have you wandered up to this sheltered space to see us in our passing?  How warmly have you greeted us, and how bright were your words to those who have already left these shores in their hearts?  You have been a balm, small and strong.”

DRONGO, with a bright flush on his apple cheeks:  “I wouldn’t be a Fairfoot of Woodhall if I wasn’t a hospitable sort!  My old Gammer — and she’s the one who made the cloak, you see — ”

ORTHIR, laughing now:  “You may have said, my friend.  More than once.  Will you be well, now that our passage has almost ended?  There will not be Elf-song in your trees for many months longer.”

DRONGO, frowning a bit:  “Almost gone?  All of you gone to the Sea?”

ORTHIR, setting a hand on his smaller companion’s shoulder.  “But we live on in tales and song, do we not?  And in the memories of the valiant Hobbits who saw us through their sweet, green land.”

DRONGO, with a grin that replaces the tiny frown:  “And you’ll remember that joke about the bee-keeper, won’t you?  All your long days?  Sting in the air, HA.”

ORTHIR, laughing again:  “Always.  And may your days be filled with wonder, Drongo Fairfoot, even if it is of Arda’s own devising, and not that of its elder race.”

DRONGO:  “Come again?”

ORTHIR, shaking his head in the dappled sunlight:  “It does not matter, my friend.  Only be well, and be happy, and think on us some evenings when the moon shines and birdsong fills the clearing.”

DRONGO, with a quick embrace that clearly takes the Elf by surprise:  “Sail well, Orthir!  Don’t let your food get wet!  Remember me!”

ORTHIR fades into the trees.

DRONGO, in his hat, as Orthir steps away with his fellows:  “Remember me!”


  • Head:  Loafer’s Hat, dyed violet
  • Cloak:  Cloak of Might, dyed violet
  • Chest:  Robe of Viisaus, dyed white