Seen on the Streets: Fincin the Music-lover

It’s been a day!  And I wearily came online looking for Seen on the Streets candidates, and chanced upon this merry, plainly-dressed, but clearly adorable Hobbit called Fincin dancing in the Prancing Pony’s square.

Fincin is a member of House Whitewolf, and is heavily involved in Landroval’s fantastic music system.  She’s been a member of both the Eriador Music Society and the Green Hills Music Society, and is now starting a new band with her friends!  Keep watching the Landroval forums; I bet you might see something there on the matter!

I love this outfit’s pastoral simplicity.  Fincin wears the Robe of Leisure (available in the LOTRO Store), as well as the newly offered Summerdays Hat in umber.

I call your attention to the band Animal House, found in the background of a few of these shots. Dapper, musical people, all!

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A Wedding Under the Stars

So, one of my characters got married tonight.  Nidhil, my beautiful Gondorian perfumer.   She and her betrothed, Gaelyn, have been together and separated, together and separated, though it’s been due to his wide-ranging adventures, not any trouble between them.  She’s waited patiently while he’s wielded both diplomacy and the sword in Angmar, Mirkwood, Dunland…the list goes on.

And now, the gregarious, business-minded, man of Bree has married his elegant, wealthy Minas Tirith perfumer.  In the fiction of our emotes, lanterns dangled from overarching tree branches over a trellis covered in purple, flowering vines.  The moon hung heavy overhead.  Tablecloths of white and cobalt blue covered long tables laden with food.

And now I get to show off some of my friends.  Score!  Here’s a big shout-out to the Wayfarers’ Guild, along with our guests from Elentiri, the Falcon Trading Company, and the Oathsworn.

The blues don’t match. But I’m okay with that — neither do the characters who got married. They’re variations on a theme, just like their colors, and style.

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As Seen at the Party Tree

So my full-time training still continues, and I’m in transit for like 3 hours a day even though it’s 5 miles away and OMG WHINING.  Let’s put that aside for the moment, and talk about more pleasant things.

The Summer Festival is live!  And of course, Hymne of Cosmetic Lotro is hobbit-on-the-spot with all the latest screenshots.

Me, I thought I’d indulge in another mega Festival Seen on the Streets, this time capturing candid shots of Landroval players at the Party Tree.  This is a brand-new thing for me, to try total candids with no coordination.  I just had fun snapping shots — if you see yourself or a kinmate here, give a shout-out!

Alvirhelm of Allies of the Free People

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Seen on the Streets: Farmers Faire

New festival, yay!  There are some terrific new cosmetic items in the Farmers Faire, which bloggers more diligent and awesome than li’l ol’ me will totally catalog.  What struck me, when I showed up in Bywater to start scolding and drinking and plying Mayor Whitfoot with condiments, was that everyone seemed to be wearing their festival best.  So have a few screenshots of Landroval players looking great.

Hilrond of The Crimson Order

The character is also a fisherman by trade, so this is just flat-out awesome.

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Seen on the Streets: Botild of Rohan

Today’s Seen on the Streets is a good friend of mine, Celeveren.  I previously featured her Haradrim character Aminah, and today I’d like to show off another of her characters’ outfits.  The player is a person who likes to rp against-the-grain sort of characters, whether younger, older, marginalized, or from cultures not often explored by other roleplayers.

Botild is an older woman, a shieldmaiden who now serves as a caretaker and healer of horses in the Eastemnet hall to which she is bound.  She has never followed a traditional path, and her garments reflect both her practical job and her past as an armed defender.  Botild is not one for gowns.

She’s just a little hoarse. (OMG I crack myself up.)

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Seen on the Streets: Vedrana Mistari

By the way, I am happy to take reader submissions!  If you have an outfit you’d like my small but choice readership to see, please click the “Say ‘Friend’ and Submit Something” tab above to get in touch with me.


I saw Vedrana, a rune-keeper of the kinship The Hidden, standing at the vault.  I was struck by her use of the fairly ubiquitous Long-sleeved Elven Dress.  Remember when that was it for pretty dresses in game (unless you are super into yellow bows)?

She gave an old item new life in a vibrant color by adding the Shoulders of the Ancient Tongue and the Ceremonial Cloak of the West-tower.  I am not usually a fan of dresses paired with harder armour items, but this example fascinated me.  I think the blue is gorgeous with Vedrana’s pale skin, and I admire how she’s dyed her RK satchel to match.

She looks operatic in this one!

Somehow I managed to capture what I think an Elf would look like juuuuust before sneezing. If Elves sneeze. They’re durable sorts — I’m doubting hayfever would knock them flat.


If you have any questions or comments for Vedrana, please leave them below.  Thank you, Vedrana!

Seen on the Streets: Attanamir

First things first:  as much as I love fashion blogging, I love writing more.  My in-character writing blogs (I have two; if you’re curious, see the About page.  I’m too shy to flog them here) are a source of constant joy to me, as are the roleplay blogs of many of my friends.  If you’re interested in starting to write in your character’s voice, an excellent Landroval thought-starter is Pumyra’s RP Prompts.  This week’s is, “A catch-phrase your character uses often.”  If you choose to take advantage of this, or have a writing blog already, leave a comment!  It’s a joy to read other people’s creativity.


Speaking of lovely writers and roleplayers, today’s Seen on the Streets is a great example of both, Attanamir.  Attanamir is a young man, a scholar and adventurer with a dark background and a somewhat dark countenance.  We chose the Old Forest as a setting despite its horrific lighting because the character wanders and studies there often.

I really admire Atan’s sense of color and his CLOAKS, holy cow.   The cloak in the second outfit is the Cloak of the Mallorn; in the third, it’s the Warm Winter Cloak, which looks just stunning in black.  I asked Atan about the character’s aesthetic, and his response was that he builds his outfits around a few much-loved pieces.  In the second and third outfits, the sashes on the chestpieces (the Ceremonial Town-Saver’s Jacket and the Shirt of the Mighty Verse, respectively) seem “foreign” to his eye,  and therefore emphasize the character’s Southron blood.

Image-intensive post, folks.  Whee!

Thoughtful, stoic.

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