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The Traveling Merchant

I had fun with this one.  I struggled with individual pieces and color until I made a last pass through the Ceremonial Helegrod items in the LOTRO store.  When I clicked “try it on” with the Ceremonial Silver-voice Shoulders, it all came together.

The traveling merchant owns a wagon of delights, from bolts of dyed cloth to wrought tools and exotic goods from lands most Bree-men will never visit.  With a grin and a wink, he sells and haggles.  His Craftsman’s Robe has a dozen pockets, all containing some small delight for matron or child, whether a hair-ribbon, a bone button, or a little dragon carved from wood.  He passes through remote hamlets maybe once a year.  Maybe every two years, if weather and the roads have been hard.  Whenever his painted wagon begins to rumble up the rutted road, townsfolk gather to see what tales the traveling man might bring.

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Hauberk Week: Patched and Ready

Hauberk Week comes to a close with the delightful Patched Hauberk.  Please go see Ivy’s variation (which is probably not based on Hobbit hijinks) on the same item.  I also want to thank Ivy for the great idea to collaborate on a week of outfits.  I’ve had a ball, seen some great traffic and talked to some new readers.

The Patched Hauberk is available from skirmish camp cosmetic vendors.  It’s a fuzzy, mangy sort of thing, and I love it.  The colors are very warm, burgundy and rust, so I decided to contrast that with a cool indigo.  And Hobbit hijinks.


“Well, boys, I’m off.”  Thrumbo Brandybuck did a slow pivot in place while his mates hooted and pounded full mugs of porter on the table.  Over by the bar, Rosalee the serving-girl laughed so hard she could barely keep her her tray of soup bowls from sliding.

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A Moment at the Fire-side

Character:  Ealwiga
Class:  Warden

Ealwiga is a taciturn, occasionally sharp-tongued midwife, far gentler with birthing women and babes than just about anyone else.  The exception is her patient and lordly betrothed.  Ealwiga wears burgundy and umber, dun colors for a perilous time.  The cosmetics hail from a variety of sources, from Rise of Isengard pre-order pieces to early armour bits to Volume III rewards.

My settlement is no more.  Behind me lies ash; ahead, more fire waits.  The stars wheel overhead in a sky increasingly uncertain and darkened by powers far beyond my knowing.  At my side rests scant knowledge and paltry skill, at least held in my own thoughts and hands.  The man beside me carries all our bravery and valour.  I bring healing and worry. 

…and sarcastic captions.

Ealwiga and her betrothed Ardric in a pause before travel begins again.

Toons eat with their mouths open. They were all raised in barns.

Tonight (or in several months) … we dine … IN ALDBURG!

A lady fears for her homeland.

  • Head:  Traveller’s Hood (LOTRO store purchase, dyed burgundy)
  • Shoulders:  Shoulders of Helmingas (Rise of Isengard pre-order cosmetic)
  • Back:  Cloak of the Boar Clan Warrior (Isengard quest reward, dyed burgundy)
  • Chest:  Skirmisher’s Armour (Craftable, tier 4 tailoring recipe)
  • Hands:  Gloves of the Helmingas (Rise of Isengard pre-order cosmetic)
  • Legs:  Dwarf Leather Leggings of Might (Random drop from North Downs orc mobs, dyed burgundy)
  • Feet:  Fine Grey Company Boots (Vol III quest reward, dyed burgundy)