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The Astronomer

From Of the Coming of the Elves, in The Silmarillion:

“Then Varda went forth from the council, and she looked out from the height of Taniquetil, and beheld the darkness of Middle-earth beneath the innumerable stars, faint and far.  Then she began a great labour, greatest of all the works of the Valar since their coming into Arda.  She took the silver dews from the vats of Telperion, and therewith she made new stars and brighter against the coming of the Firstborn…”

This Elf is a watcher of the skies, a scholar of those stars made so long ago from Telperion’s immeasurable light and set in their patterns far above.  He wears the rich, dark brown of earth and the cool, dark blue of the night sky.  The Tactical Eastemnet Campaign Robe and the cloak Ceremonial Wig-feld are joined by the Pristine Elven Shoulder Guards, the Ceremonial Spear-shaker’s Gauntlets, and the Fine Elven Circlet.

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Blue Caste Sorcerer

Well, sorta.

If you let Ered Luin’s spider-filled hinterlands fill in for the Brown Lands, and a level 15 substitute for a Blue Caste level 75 NPC, we’re golden!  That said, I’ve been fascinated by the Blue Caste Sorcerers since I first ran across them in the Brown Lands — powerful warriors with arcane might.  I decided to make an outfit in homage to these creepy, cranky NPCs.

My character’s outfit centers around the (Ceremonial) Robe of the Stone-Student, which is one of the many Moria pieces you can currently pick up in the LOTRO store.  I dyed it navy to approximate the Blue Caste’s robe colors.  Important supporting pieces include the Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (umber), the Plain Cloak (Ered Luin blue), and the navy-dyed Battle-mask of Rhun.

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Seen on the Streets: Fincin the Music-lover

It’s been a day!  And I wearily came online looking for Seen on the Streets candidates, and chanced upon this merry, plainly-dressed, but clearly adorable Hobbit called Fincin dancing in the Prancing Pony’s square.

Fincin is a member of House Whitewolf, and is heavily involved in Landroval’s fantastic music system.  She’s been a member of both the Eriador Music Society and the Green Hills Music Society, and is now starting a new band with her friends!  Keep watching the Landroval forums; I bet you might see something there on the matter!

I love this outfit’s pastoral simplicity.  Fincin wears the Robe of Leisure (available in the LOTRO Store), as well as the newly offered Summerdays Hat in umber.

I call your attention to the band Animal House, found in the background of a few of these shots. Dapper, musical people, all!

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The Ranger, Part II

Consider this a variation on a theme, with the theme being the outfit I posted as The Ranger the other day.  I kept turning from new ideas back to more grey and umber, and instead of forcing myself toward hobbits and bright, I realized I need to just get all these darn Dúnedain out of my system!

The real impetus for this outfit was my recent acquisition of the Lesser Secret of the West Helmet, which is way cooler and far less smurfy than the other masks currently in game.  I also used some of the iconic Rise of Isengard cosmetic types, represented here by the Chestpiece of the Charging Stag, the Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots, and the Dunland Beserker’s Rusted Gauntlets.  The Campaign Backpack seemed appropriate, given how self-sufficient the Dúnedain must be.

Who will reclaim the glory that was Arnor?

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The Ranger

People have been doing such awesome armour outfits lately!  Combat looks aren’t my forte; I tend to stick lampshades on heads instead of helms.  That said, I was so inspired I wanted to take on the Tolkien-specific role of Ranger of the North, those Men of the Dúnedain descended from the lost kingdom of Arnor.

My model is dressed in hide armour (the Jacket of the Shade-finder and the Zudrugund Leather Leggings, with only a bit of plate on boots and gauntlets.  The pieces are all dyed umber, black, or grey.  This is a man who keeps to shadowed woods and dark corners, covered at nearly all times by his Fine Grey Company Hood and Cloak of the Grey Company.

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The Wood-warden

I’ve always liked the Chetwood.  From The Fellowship of the Ring:

“However, in the meantime, walking was not unpleasant.  Indeed, if it had not been for the disturbing events of the night before, they would have enjoyed this part of the journey better than any up to that time.  The sun was shining, clear but not hot.  The woods in the valley were still leafy and full of colour, and seemed peaceful and wholesome.  Strider guided them confidently among the many crossing paths, although left to themselves, they would soon have been at a loss.  He was taking a wandering course with many turns and doublings, to put off any pursuit.”

LOTRO’s Chetwood is a far more fearsome place, but the trees themselves seem calm and untroubled.  The wood-warden is a Breeish man, a simple man who has taken on a simple, if perilous duty:  to patrol the Chetwood by night, given talk of great spiders and thieving Men hiding there.  He bears simple arms; his armour is the color of woods and loamy earth, especially appropriate in the verdant time where spring turns to summer.

Also, I really really wanted to show off the Rift chestpiece, the Ceremonial Shadow-Stalker Jacket, but not in its lovely armour set.

One of the most interesting aspects of this chiestpiece is the blue-and-yellow diamond detail near the waistline. I can only assume this means Brannick here is wearing blue-and-yellow gingham boxers.

From spiders to brigands to dogs trained to be bad, the Chetwood is full of many dangers. And level 8s.

The warden earns the adoration of every one of those level 8s when he saves their Undying from a level 15 warg. (also: 15 now? Wasn’t he 20 before? Kids today. *shakes walker*)

In the morning, with the Chetwood secured, our warden finally seeks his bed.

Or he would, if his blogger didn’t keep taking stupid screenshots of him. As an aside, /crazy fills me with glee.

  • Head:  Traveller’s Hood (LOTRO Store purchase, dyed umber)
  • Shoulders:  Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of Determination (Random drop, level 28, dyed umber)
  • Back:  Warden’s Pack (Available at outfitters throughout the world)
  • Chest:  Ceremonial Shadow-stalker Jacket (Skirmish outfitter barter reward.  Also, I hear there’s this raid.  Dyed Rivendell green)
  • Hands:  Dunland Beserker’s Rusted Gauntlets (Dunland random drop, dyed Rivendell green)
  • Legs:  Westernesse Leather Leggings of Might (Random drop, dyed Rivendell green)
  • Feet:  Scout’s Weathered Leather Boots (Dunland quest reward, dyed umber)

A Warm-hued Huntress

Sometimes it all starts with one item.  I was rifling through my wardrobe (“Where the #@#$ am I going to put this spring stuff, it’s so PRETTY, I have no ROOM…”) and chanced upon this:  Twisttongue’s Cloak.  It’s a Moria quest reward in a deep, luscious chocolate brown that no currently available dye can replicate.

From there, a warm-hued outfit seemed to suggest itself, using rust and brown and crimson.  The character modeling the outfit is roleplayed as being Eglain, and her Prized Eglan-horse suits both her and the outfit well.  I don’t usually attempt to match with mounts (I’m still figuring out the clothing bits!), but sometimes it just clicks.

A hunter at work.

After the twentieth spider, Raima sort of lost patience.

Raima’s horse needs a name! Raima is a healer and hunter, an Eglain, and a mystic of sorts who has traveled far beyond her people’s traditional scavenging grounds. Any ideas?

  • Head:  Traveller’s Hood (LOTRO Store purchase, dyed crimson)
  • Shoulders:  Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer (Dunland quest reward, dyed umber)
  • Back:  Twisttongue’s Cloak (Moria quest reward, undyed)
  • Chest:  Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Jacket (Dunland quest reward, dyed rust)
  • Hands:  Extravagant Festival Gloves (Yule quest/deed reward, dyed umber)
  • Legs:  None
  • Feet:  Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Boots (Dunland quest reward, dyed umber)