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Landroval Style

Now, I wouldn’t call Landroval the best Lord of the Rings Online server.  The only other server I’ve tried is Laurelin (can you tell I’m a roleplayer?), and despite the lovely people I met there, the time zones didn’t work out.  That said, I’ve been a happy-as-a-clam Landroval player for five years now, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

My characters are surrounded all the time by toons wearing interesting, colorful cosmetic clothing.  Roleplayer or not, raider or not, people find a ton of different ways to make their characters look as distinct as possible within the boundaries of our few hairstyle and face options.

Not that I want more hairstyles or anything.  *cough*

So if you have a toon on Landroval, and you’re tickled pink by your chosen cosmetic outfit, please drop a PM to me on the official forums as Luned (or contact Luned, Gisala, or Nidhil in-game), and I’d be happy to feature your screenshots or take a few of my own.  I’ll also be keeping an eye out for cool outfits seen in the wild, so to speak — but I’ll always ask before publicizing you here.